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Worldwide review: the most recent works of the Order
The global Activity Report of the Order 2019 (pdf)

Latest activities of the British Association (pdf)

Greater efforts against human trafficking are needed

Grand Master's annual address to the diplomatic corps

Grand Master addresses the diplomatic corps
                                                                 Grand Master addresses the diplomatic corps

The Grand Master, Fra’ Giacomo Dalla Torre del Tempio di Sanguinetto, received today the Diplomatic Corps accredited to the Sovereign Order of Malta for the traditional audience of the beginning of the new year. The audience took place at the Magistral Villa in Rome. 

In his address, which detailed the Order’s work around the world over the last year for those in great need, the Grand Master called for greater action in the fight against human trafficking, for more awareness of the contribution that faith based organisations and institutions make on the field of humanitarian assistance, and for the need to protect human rights and dignity.  

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Order of Malta Australia launches bushfire appeal

Thousands lose homes, animals, stock

Bushfires threaten lives and homes
                                                                   Bushfires threaten lives and homes

The Order of Malta’s Association in Australia expresses its deepest concern for the violent bushfires which have been raging for months through parts of the country. The unprecedented fires have already claimed over 28 lives. Millions of animals have perished. Millions of acres have burned so far, in an area larger than Belgium. 

Direct assistance for fire victims
The Hospitaller of the Association, John Murphy, who has launched a fundraising appeal, describes current action: “The Order of Malta in Australia is responding to the immediate needs of the affected communities in various areas on the east and south coasts. Together with some local parishes, on the south coast of New South Wales we have managed to offer direct assistance to many people who have lost their homes, and in Victoria we are distributing food vouchers.”

More catastrophic weather on the way
Further catastrophic weather conditions are forecast from Friday, local authorities have warned. 3,000 army reservists, along with aircraft and naval ships, are being made available to help with evacuation from afflicted areas.

The Order of Malta Australia will use money from its Natural Disaster Fund to provide emergency relief to those directly impacted. The Association is exploring with its regional Hospitaller network how best to provide assistance to the thousands who have lost homes or are stranded.

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