Welcome to the Companions of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta (CoM). The CoM is a key volunteer force for the charitable work of the Order of Malta in the UK. Our mission is ‘to practise our faith and to practise charity.’ To join us in this endeavour apply now using the form attached to this site.

We aim to achieve our mission by amongst other activities, working with the homeless and poor particularly in London, volunteering in the Order’s Care Homes (see the OSJCH link) around the country, helping the elderly and disabled especially on pilgrimages, through religious services and prayer, as well as by our support for overseas initiatives such as the Order’s work in Kenya, the Holy Family Hospital in Bethlehem and other projects.

We are organised on a regional basis, with group coordinators in different parts of the country and in Scotland so that you can get involved locally.

For details of some of the things we have been up to and where over the last year or so please see the quarterly newsletters (on this site), which give a real time portrait of us and of our work.

As a Companion, you can give your time to any of the above – joining a group to help feed the homeless, volunteering in the Order’s care homes, coming on pilgrimage with us, for example to Lourdes or Walsingham. However, you can simply do your bit by subscribing as a member to support our work or just by helping with your prayers.

Also as a Companion, you can give support to international emergency relief – you will be notified immediately in the event of a crisis so that you can assist the Order’s response (see the Order of Malta link). All donations go directly to support these relief efforts, with little or no money wasted on charity running costs. Indeed rest assured that the CoM has almost no overheads and operates almost entirely on voluntary effort.

The CoM also offers those who have outgrown the Order of Malta Volunteers (the Order of Malta’s volunteer youth group) a place and opportunity to continue their support. Many people want to do more charitable work both at home and abroad, but their busy lives just don’t allow the time or opportunity. Companions through their subscription and prayer, are closely involved with a range of activities that give opportunities for service at every level.

Thus the benefits of being a Companion may be summarised as follows:

-       Membership of a devoted group of volunteers committed to carrying out works of charity at home and worldwide.

-       The opportunity to become involved with the Orders of St john Care Homes, St.John’s Hospice and other projects with the elderly or sick

-       Invitations to the CoM and Order’s religious services, receptions and pilgrimages.

-       Regular newsletters on CoM activities throughout the regions, Scotland and abroad.

All work, activities and fundraising by the CoM are carried out as part of Hospitaller Limited, Charity Number 1103567. A Gift Aid Form for donations may be found on this site under Application Form.