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The Arms of the Order of Malta

The Orderís arms display the eight-pointed latin cross on a red oval field surrounded by a rosary and surmounted by the princely mantle and crown (as described in Article 6 of the Orderís Constitution). It is the emblem of the Sovereign Orderís Grand Magistry and its Institutions: the Grand Priories, Subpriories, National Associations and Diplomatic Missions.


The Emblem of the Order’s works

The emblem is the symbol of the Order of Maltaís medical and humanitarian activities worldwide. It is a red shield with a white, eight-pointed cross (as described in Article 242 of the Order of Maltaís Code).


The Coat of Arms of the 79th Prince and Grand Master Fra’ Matthew Festing

The arms of Grand Master Fraí Matthew Festing are quartered with those of the Order. At 1 and 4 gules (red) a cross argent; at 2 and 3 azure an eagle displayed erminois between three castles argent. The arms are surrounded by the Collar, symbol of the Grand Master, within a princely mantle and surmounted by a closed crown.