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Where Chivalry Isn't Dead (pdf)

Oxford has a disproportionately high population of homeless people

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The Hospitaller 2013 - Spring Newsletter (pdf)

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The Grand Master, Fra' Matthew Festing, in conversation with Sir Christopher Meyer

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Fra' Matthew Festing spoke with Sir Christopher Meyer in 2012 on the history and the mission of the Order, in the television series Networks of Power, aired on Sky Atlantic television and created by Wingspan Productions. This clip, filmed at Villa Malta, Rome, runs for 7 minutes.


Where companionship is also a staff of life

Itís not so much the food, but the warmth of the environment which matters to our guests who come to the St Jamesís Spanish Place soup kitchen each Thursday. That said, we still prepare 15 litres of soup every week; 8 litres of tea; 8 litres of coffee, 200 sandwiches and salad boxes; yogurt with honey; sweet pastries and cakes. Sometimes volunteers cook and bring things. In the summer thereís an ice-cream each.

A combined project of the British Association, together with the Companions of the Order of Malta who lead the project, and the OMV (Order of Malta Volunteers).