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Ukraine: British Association of the Order and the Foreign Aid Service launch appeal

“Thank you for the support you give to our country in this difficult moment” Ukrainian Relief Service, Order of Malta

As the conflict in Ukraine continues, more and more lives are being lost, and homes, hospitals and schools destroyed. Hundreds of thousands of people are being displaced. Infrastructure damage is affecting electricity and water supplies. Road blockages mean people cannot reach food or medical care. Those fleeing their homes have few resources as they enter neighbouring countries as refugees. 

The Order is recognised in the Ukraine and in the surrounding regions as a trusted frontline provider of food, medicine, medical care and social assistance to the most vulnerable people. Coordinated by Malteser International and Malteser Hilfsdienst, this crisis has seen unprecedented cooperation by Order entities to ensure our colleagues in Ukraine receive the support they need to bring vital supplies to the vulnerable, and that the Order’s operations in neighbouring countries are resourced to respond to the influx of refugees.

Food, medicine, shelter, welcoming of refugees, care for the elderly and disabled who are not able to flee: this is the work the Order has carried out for centuries. These are the people who need our help now.

BASMOM, through our Foreign Aid Service (FAS), is seeking your donations towards the Order’s frontline care in Ukraine and in the surrounding countries. In the first instance, we will channel donations to Malteser International as it coordinates the Order’s immediate response. Working closely with the Global Fund for Forgotten People, we will then identify a local entity or entities of the Order most in need of funding, as the nature and extent of the longer-term response becomes clear. We have longstanding relationships with a number of those local entities.

A letter will be sent in very similar terms to the Order family in Great Britain before the end of the week, with account details to enable you to make a transfer. If, however, you prefer to donate online through CAF, please click on the link below and input BASMOM’s charity number (1103567):

Donate to charity | Giving made simple and secure with CAF (

Thank you in advance for your generosity.

[Image: Order of Malta supply tent, Ivano-Frankivsk]

James Pavey                                                                  Cécile Coke

Hospitaller                                                                      Chair, FAS

BASMOM                                                                        BASMOM

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