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Ukraine: Order of Malta relief coordination continues

The main needs, both inside the country and at the borders: shelter, provisions, medical care.

Inside Ukraine
-in Lviv, capacity is almost at limit. There is a daily call on resources – Order volunteers for Order of Malta Ukraine (MRS) are at the food distribution points of Lviv railway station, at the central bus station, the Skrynya shopping mall, and at Krakivets and Shehyni checkpoints. During the last week they have distributed 10,770 cups of hot soup, 2,000 hot fast food packs.
An example of the supplies prepared each day: 400 litres hot soup, 415 litres hot water, 160 litres tea, 3740 sandwiches, 420 packs of fast food, 117 units of baby food.
-an example of local aid 2 days ago: Order of Malta Ukraine (MRS) provided food to 80 children, aged 4 months to 15 years, who were evacuated by train from their orphanage school in Boyarka, south west of Kyiv, to Przemyśl (Polish border). MRS volunteers brought dry snacks, juices, basic toiletries packs and nappies to the train.
-medicines continue to be donated from abroad for dispensing in the mobile medical units; plus medical transport of sick refugees to the border.
-eastern Ukraine: continuation of psychosocial support to IDPs.
-accommodation provided to IDPs in Lviv and Ivano-Frankivsk.

At the crossing points with bordering countries
The Order of Malta humanitarian network continues the coordination of aid on the ground in:
Hungary-mobile medical units along the border; accommodation for incoming refugees; food and meals services at the border
Poland-24/7 service for incoming refugees including shuttle service, food and meals services, mobile medical points at border in Przemysl and near Kroscienko; accommodation.
Romania-24/7 service for incoming refugees at the border established at Sighetu Marmației, and Satu Mare. Trucks of aid goods to Ukraine via Hungary
Slovakia-24/7 Transportation and accommodation service to incoming refugees at the border
Slovenia-accommodation for refugees underway.

General coordination is organised through Malteser International, the Order’s international relief agency (HQ, Cologne/Lviv).

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