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Appeal to support Afghan Refugees

Ten days ago at the request of the Cardinal Hume Centre we delivered 4,500 items to the Plaza Hotel in Victoria where they had recently received 215 refugees newly arrived from Afghanistan.

Following our success with the operation of the Donation Hub for the homeless, we have received considerable recognition for the success of this initiative, which is why we were asked to arrange the Plaza delivery, and indeed it was only with that experience that we were able immediately to react and to meet this request.

We have stated that we are ready to help further and are awaiting guidance.  Presently the numbers of arrivals, how and where they are to be located and what their requirements might be, remain, like so much about this urgent situation, unknown quantities.  But what is certain is that the need will be great, with  many issues to work through, including clothing, medical needs, emotional support, housing and employment.

It is also the case that the Government has indicated it is preparing to receive up to 20,000 people. So it is clear that there will be much to do in the coming months and given the call upon our services to date it is certain that we will be asked to come to the aid again of the new arrivals.

We would like to be prepared and ready to help when that call comes. Further, given that the aim is to settle the new refugees around the country, we anticipate the demands upon us will not be restricted to just London but will extend across the UK and engage all our regions.

You will all have seen the outpourings of generosity from around the country, and we have received many enquiries from Companions as to how they can help.

We are therefore launching an appeal for funds to enable us to respond when and wherever called upon again to do so. As indicated, the scope of this support is yet to be clarified, but all funds collected will be used to fund the work of the CoM in assisting the new refugees, all of whom having worked with or for the UK now find themselves exiled and in need.

Thank you for your generosity. Please make all donations as below. We will keep you updated of course on the website and through Limelight.

Paul Letman, Chair CoM                                                                   

Charles Nicholson, Deputy Chair CoM

If you would like to donate to the Afghan Refugee appeal there are three ways to do so:

By the website:  
Donation button on the Home page  Please reference Afghan Refugee Appeal  

By bank transfer:
Account Name: BASMOM COM  
Sort Code: 15-99-00
Account Number: 03802370
Please put a reference of: Afghan Refugee Appeal

By cheque:
Account name as above.  Please send to Companions of the Order of Malta, 13 Deodar Road, Putney, SW15, 2NP.  Marked Afghan Refugee Appeal for identification.