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New Volunteering Platform

Over the last few years, the Companions’ operations have expanded into a sizeable charitable organisation. This has been achieved by the hard work of all our volunteers and of the Team Leaders who manage the recruitment, rota systems, communications before the activities and a whole host of other tasks using doodle diaries, excel spreadsheets, WhatsApp Groups and pencil and paper.

We have decided that it is time to professionalise this operation and going forward will be using Volunteero which will do these things for the Companions on one platform via an app, which you can use on your smartphone, tablet or a laptop, making it easier for you to volunteer and select the activities and the rotas that suit you best. Volunteero provides a modern, digital platform to work with. It is a wonderful system, and once you get your mind around it, it is very easy and quick to use. Volunteero also has an internal chat ‘Whatsapp’-type module meaning communications can be shared with a team or sent individually as required.

We have chosen to launch Volunteero with our London projects from 1st June 2024 so we are asking all London volunteers to:

● Sign up to Volunteero via this link on the Companions’ website now.
● The link will take you to the volunteering options for London, when you select one, you will be required to complete an application form (this will cover you for all activities) requesting personal details and confirmation of your acceptance of GDPR and information for new volunteers. Whilst we have some of this information already by doing it through Volunteero, we can make sure we have all the correct details for you.
● Once you have submitted the application form, you will receive an email welcoming you to Volunteero with your password. You will need this to obtain access to Volunteero.
● Please wait for this confirmation before downloading the Volunteero app (available at Apple app store / android app store).
● You will then be able to sign up on the rotas. The team leader will need to accept your first request to volunteer on that mission (activity). No searching for emails and rotas any more!

Full instructions for logging into and using Volunteero can be found here. Our team leaders will also be able to help you if you have any problems.