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St John’s day 

Every year, the traditional commemoration of St John, the Order of Malta’s patron saint, takes place in the Order Associations and Priories all over the world. In London, the day is celebrated with a Mass at Brompton Oratory, investiture of new members of the Order, and the awarding of medals to those who have brought honour to the Order of Malta, working with the homeless and elderly. 

Congratulations to those invested as members of the Order: 

Adam Smiley, Maria-Theresia Freifrau Spies von Bullesheim, Bruce Walker, Hubert MacGreevy, Marc Morris 

Congratulations to those receiving these awards:

Cross pro Merito Melitensi: Antoni Daszewski, Liam Hackett

Silver Merito Melitensi: Beatrice Larson, George Biamonti- Marchweldon 

Bronze Merito Melitensi: Harvey Comerford, Henri de Belloy, Valerie Sieyes, Judith Swan and David Dowden (Cross pro Merito Melitensi) who could not attend, so received his award in Lourdes earlier this year, in May.