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A Companions’ welcome to the Afghan families

In 2021 Caritas Westminster contacted the Companions to ask whether we could help supply clothes and toiletries for Afghan families. Over 200 Afghan men, women and children had arrived from Kabul and were being housed in a hotel in Victoria. Within 36 hours of their arrival, over 4,400 items – clothes and toiletries – were boxed up by a team of volunteers at the Companions’ Café and distributed to the hotel.   

Following this, the Companions launched an Afghan Appeal to raise funds to support the families. Many of you gave generously. Extensive communications between the Companions and the civilian and military coordinators caring for the Afghan families have taken place over the last 10 months, to discuss the donations needed for the Afghan families.

On 1st July, a group of Companions packed the items bought for these families with the donated funds. 30 boxes (240Kg) were sorted and packed this evening – 180 pairs of school shoes for the children, clothing for the women (371 bras and 1080 pairs of underwear) and bags of second hand clothes collected over the last few months. The Companions are delighted to be sending these items to Wales where they will be distributed to the families. 

Thank you to all who donated to the Afghan appeal.