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Chairman: Paul Letman [email protected]
Deputy Chairman: Charles Nicholson [email protected]

General enquiries

All general enquiries should be directed to the Secretary to the Companions, Annie Eyre: [email protected]

Press enquiries

All press enquiries should be made to the Communications Director of the Order of Malta in Great Britain, Philippa Leslie, on [email protected].

Regional contacts

Birmingham & West Midlands: Adrian de Redman email
Cambridge: Edmund Coke email / Krzysztof Herka email
Colchester: Georgie Holt-Evans email
Gloucestershire: Sarah Cornell email
London: Kate MacKenzie email
Northern Marches: Fred Wyrley-Birch email
Oxford: Committee email or Fra’ John Eidinow email
Scotland: Thomas Steuart Fothringham email
South East: David Dowden email
South West: Duncan McKechnie email
Wiltshire: Max Rumney email

Safeguarding, Complaints, and Privacy

To view our safeguarding, complaints, and privacy policies click here.