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Volunteer with the Companions

The Companions is a Christian organisation and we expect all our members to practise charity but we welcome all applicants – there is no requirement to be a Christian.

If you’ve read about What We Do then you might be interested in helping out with one of our projects. You can find all the contact details for regional coordinators on the Contact page.


If you want to volunteer in London please use the Volunteero platform (Application form below).   Volunteero simplifies the process of applying and joining the different projects, which you can access via your laptop or on your ‘phone through an app.  Volunteero was launched in June 2024 in London and will eventually become available all over the country.  

If you are a group of volunteers wanting to volunteer once in London.  Place find this information pack and contact the London Coordinator for further information (email address in the information pack). Details for a 16 – 18 year old group and details for the over 18 year old group in the information pack.   download: information pack

If you are between the ages of 16 – 18 years old and want to volunteer, it is necessary to have a Named Responsible Adult with you, whilst you are volunteering with the guests.  If you are just helping set up and are not going to be present when the guests are in attendance, a Named Responsible Adult is not required to be present, though we still require their contact details. download: 16-18-year-olds-Volunteer-Registration-Form Please complete this form and email it to the team leader of the project that you would like to volunteer at. 


If you want to volunteer outside London please contact the regional coordinator.  You can find all the contact details for regional coordinators on the Contact page.   If the region has joined Volunteero the team leader will inform you.  


Become a Companion

Becoming a Companion (Application form below) brings a sense of commitment, many and different opportunities to engage with and support those in need; many friendships forged through working together; and the sense of belonging to an organisation dedicated to helping the sick, the poor and marginalised for almost a thousand years. That is a pretty special combination.

As a Companion, you can give your time to any of our many projects – joining a group to help at our cafes for the homeless, volunteering in the Order’s care homes, coming on pilgrimage with us to Lourdes or Walsingham.

Or you can simply subscribe as a member to support our work and by assisting us with your prayers.

Companions will also have the opportunity to assist with the Order of Malta’s relief efforts outside the UK.  This could be through active involvement or by donations, all of which go directly to support those in need.

The Companions have almost no overheads and operate entirely on voluntary effort.

How to join

To apply to join the Companions, please complete our online application form below.


With your application, please provide details of two referees (name, address, phone number & email address*). At least one referee should be a Member or Companion of the Order of Malta. One of your referees should have known you for at least two years. Your referees will be contacted prior to your application being processed and will be asked to write a letter in support or they can email directly.

Once your application has been received and processed, we will contact you so that you can arrange payment of the subscription fee. Thank you for your application.