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What We Do

And Where We Do It

The Companions take part in all of the Order of Malta’s charitable activities in Great Britain.

Our work focusses on — but is by no means limited to — helping the homeless, the hungry, the disabled, the elderly, and the lonely.

Please note: due to covid restrictions some activities have been curtailed. Wherever we can continue our work, strict PPE measures and social distancing are always in place.

In London every week we run a breakfast club and soup kitchens (3) for the homeless and hungry. Tea parties are on hold, but guests are sent reassuring regular communications in notes, letters, sometimes flowers and chocolates.

At Oxford, the Companions organise a wide range of activities most days of the week. These include helping out with the city’s homeless, visiting the residents of local care homes, and helping with special educational needs pupils. Other Companions groups can be found at Cambridge and St Andrews.

Further groups are organised in Scotland, the Northern Marches, Birmingham & the West Midlands, Gloucestershire & Wiltshire, the South West, and the South East.

In addition to these, there are numerous spiritual activities such as Masses and Days of Recollection that are organised for the benefit of members of the Order, Companions, volunteers, and others. Currently, due to covid restrictions, some can be live, others are livestreamed.

Companion Groups around Britain

To find out more about specific activities, please click the links below:

St Andrews
Northern Marches
Birmingham & West Midlands
Gloucester & Wiltshire
South West
South East

Starting a Companions group

If we don’t yet have any activities near you and you are interested in starting a Companions group, please get in touch with the Secretary to the Companions.