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The Oxford Companions are mostly members of Oxford University who volunteer with the homeless community and in the local OSJCT care homes. Our flagship homelessness project on a Saturday offers guests an opportunity to shower, get clean clothing and a hot meal, along with valuable social time. Mid-week we take breakfast and evening food and drink into the streets of Oxford daily. A particular highlight is our annual Christmas Dinner for the homeless community. We also offer ad hoc opportunities to volunteer in the Orders’ local care home.  While most of our volunteers are students, we also welcome applications from those not part of the university, however we ask non-university volunteers to note that most volunteering opportunities in term-term are fully resourced by the University volunteers, so opportunities for volunteering will mostly be in the university vacations, when we are very grateful for support to keep our activities running.

The Companions at the University of Oxford are currently engaged:

  • with the homeless most days of the week;
  • with residents of local OSJCT care homes at Isis House and Marston Court;
  • with the elderly and house-bound in the local parish;
  • with pupils at local special educational needs schools.

Oxford Volunteering Application form:

The Companions at the University are led by Fra’ John Eidinow SMOM and day-to-day activities are run by a committee of students at the University.

Please let us know if you know of any friends, children, or OMV-ers who coming up to the University – we are always looking for volunteers and leaders!

For more information contact Adelaida Jimenez-Villarejo Diaz or find out more on Facebook.