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Visiting the Shrine of Our Lady in England’s Nazareth is a firm favourite in the Order’s calendar; a weekend in the countryside with friends both old and new, in the docile village of Walsingham. Pilgrims travel from all over the country to join with volunteers and guests from all the branches of the Order. Traditional fish and chips start the pilgrimage off, followed by a candle light procession and the weekend promises prayer, recollections and Mass, with chances for Confession and Vespers, interspersed with a picnic in the Abbey, and a pilgrimage party. Sunday ends by processing with prayers and hymns along the Holy Mile, Mass at the Shrine, and of course a wonderfully sumptuous lunch. Transport to and from London is available and both volunteers and pilgrims stay within Elmham House in the village, giving everyone the opportunity to socialise and care for one another.