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The Prelate of the Order

The Prelate is the religious superior of the clergy of the Order with priestly functions. He ensures that the religious and priestly life of the Chaplains and their apostolate are followed according to the discipline and spirit of the Order. He supports the Grand Master and the Grand Commander in supervising the religious life and devotion of the members of the Order and in any aspect related to the spiritual nature of the Order’s initiatives. The Prelate is appointed by the Supreme Pontiff, who chooses from among three candidates presented by the Grand Master, with the deciding vote of the Sovereign Council. The Prelate assists the Cardinalis Patronus in the exercise of his office with the Order.

The Prelate of the Order of Malta
H.E. Reverend Msgr. Luis Manuel Cuña Ramos

Born in 1966 in Orense (Galizia) in Spain, Luis Manuel Cuña Ramos has spent most of his life in Italy, mainly in Rome, where he was awarded a doctorate in Ecclesiastical History and carried out archival studies. He was ordained a priest by St. John Paul II on 14 June 1992 for the diocese of Orense. After spending two years in his diocese, he returned to Rome to work at Propaganda Fide Historical Archives, where he remained for almost a quarter of a century. He was a visiting professor at the Pontifical Urban University and at the Pontifical Gregorian University. Since 2012 he has served as historical consultor of the Dicastery for the Causes of Saints. Three years ago, he returned to his hometown to serve as Episcopal Delegate for the Cultural Heritage of the Bishopric of Ourense.

Msgr. Luis Manuel Cuña Ramos has been the Prelate of the Order of Malta since December 21st 2023.

H.E. Reverend Msgr. Luis Manuel Cuña Ramos



The mission of the Order of Malta is inspired by its tradition of ‘Tuitio Fidei et Obsequium Pauperum', to assist the poor and the sick, and bear witness to the Christian faith.


The Sovereign Order of Malta is a sovereign subject of international law. The Order - which is based in Rome, in via Condotti - has its own Government, an independent magistracy, and bilateral diplomatic relations with 110 countries.


The Order of St John of Jerusalem is one of the oldest institutions of Western and Christian civilisation. Present in Palestine in around 1048, it is a lay religious Order, traditionally of military, chivalrous, noble nature.